Eat. Knit. Love

Sometimes I get to combine my favorite joys together in one day: relaxing on the beach listening to the calming sound of the surf, when a happy blog comment chimes in on my iPhone, while I’m blissfully knitting away (these days it’s socks on crazy tiny #1 circular needles) with some deliciously pretty little yarn. Ahh, now that’s living. … Any knitters out there?

Update: I just found out that — the great website where I learned how to knit — now has an iPhone App with their how-to videos… awesome!

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I'm Sue Alexander, the creator of Inspired Type — a place to find good thoughts in designs that you can share — spread inspiration.
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2 Responses to Eat. Knit. Love

  1. Hi Sue! I’m not a knitter but my daughter is. It’s a very relaxing activity that brings wonderful, cozy things to life. I can associate with the beach part though since I live by the beach and I love listening to the ocean. :) Happy knitting! Loving blessings

    • Thanks Andrea! I’ve found knitting adds so much to my life. I can take it anywhere — like the beach — and making something tactile and soft with my hands is deeply satisfying. The rhythmic process is calming, and allows me to slow down even as I’m creating and doing. Learning new patterns is also a great way to have an ongoing sense of accomplishment. It’s hard at first, but that’s part of why you feel so good when you’ve mastered a new technique. There are wonderful how-to videos, websites and blogs out there. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a new hobby! Live what you love :~)

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