Showing and sharing gratitude. In a word: Awesome!

Having gratitude for the simple joys and appreciation for others makes me happier. Seeing the awesome little joys in life — and sharing them — makes the day better. Spread a little “Awesome” and see the ripple effect :-D

(Here’s the larger desktop version.)

About Sue Alexander | Inspired Type

I'm Sue Alexander, the creator of Inspired Type — a place to find good thoughts in designs that you can share — spread inspiration.
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12 Responses to Showing and sharing gratitude. In a word: Awesome!

  1. tess123 says:

    Love this awesomeness. I just found your blog via Sandra @alwayswellwithin. Love your work and products. Simple and bright…like life needs to be.

  2. Penny says:

    Every once in a while I just like to stop and experience one of those “ahhh moments!” making me feel a little warm and tingly, and a feeling of pride or even helplessness! We all have these moments and typically never forget them as they make an imprint within our lives. So often these times can be quite a humbling experience, especially as I put deeper thought into them. Having gratitude for the simple joys and appreciation for others makes me happier, its taking that moment for reflection on the small joys we have coming our way in each day.

    • Thanks for sharing this Penny. I love when a special “ahhh moment” makes you feel warm inside. When I reflect on something with gratitude it’s like experiencing it all over again — Awesome!

  3. I really needed that happy thought. Something to think about.

  4. I love the idea of spreading “awesomeness” around. There is nothing better than appreciating the blessings in life and spreading gratitude. That’s a beautiful attitude, my friend.
    Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Loving blessings.

    • It’s such a joy for me to finally be making art that has deeper meaning, after years in the corporate design world. Receiving your loving input helps me to know that I can make a difference in the world, in my small way. Thank you so very much, I really appreciate the smile this morning.

  5. Gratitude is one of my favorite words and all positive psych books stress this as one of the anchors of happiness. I admire your economy of words, not many can write a good blog with such brevity. Cheers

    • Thank you for the encouragement Riley, you brought a smile to my face. Words have never been my strong suit, so this means a lot to me, and I’m happy to reach out with a simple message. I’m glad to hear from you :-)

  6. Penny says:

    Awesome is one of my favorite words. It has inspiration, being a word of many happy thoughts. You have a talent for putting action into words, putting a smile on my face and a heartfelt meaning to my heart.

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