Spreading the Seeds of Kindness

Today’s design has dual purpose: to promote kindness, and to express gratitude for our freedom. Spread and nurture the seeds of kindness and gratitude.

I’d like to thank Alex Blackwell of The BridgeMaker for his project making the month of March “31 Days of Kindness”. Please visit his site to see the project and download a free copy of the manifesto through this link Let’s Make Kindness a Daily Habit.

I also want to thank Stanford at Pushing Social for his powerfully inspiring words, and challenging me to “Share art that celebrates what it means to be human and free”, in his post What if You Only Had 20 Blog Posts Left?

Thank you for the
infinite Beauty of the Earth, Sea and Sky
for the Kindness and
Warmth that Surrounds us
and the Freedom of each Simple Joy

Because I believe Kindness and Gratitude go hand-in-hand.

About Sue Alexander | Inspired Type

I'm Sue Alexander, the creator of Inspired Type — a place to find good thoughts in designs that you can share — spread inspiration.
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8 Responses to Spreading the Seeds of Kindness

  1. Sue,

    Thanks so much for spreading the word about the 31 Days of Kindness. I sincerely appreciate you and your kind support.



  2. Penny says:

    Thank you for the postitive thought, and I love your beautiful design !! Brought a smile !! :)

  3. Gorgeous. This design is such a special part of the 31 Days of Kindness. You inspire me and make me smile all the time. Thank you.

    • That’s so thoughtful and kind Sandra. Knowing that what I’m doing does help inspire, well that just makes me glow.

      A compelling design does make words more memorable. And connecting through head and heart is a powerful combination.

      Thank you for spreading kindness!

  4. Zeenat says:

    HI Sue,
    I love your site, your work..and the colors oh my they are just so so calming! Simply beautiful art here.
    Your words and thoughts here are so inspiring they gave me goosebumps! I too believe kindness and gratitude go hand in hand. None can be truly ALIVE without the other.
    My joy today is landing on your beautiful blog space and taking in the beauty.
    Thank you for your beautiful connection.
    So Much Love,

    • Hi Zeenat ~ I’m so happy to see your loving comments here, and so grateful to be sharing kindness and joy with you. Thank you dearly for the beautiful start to my morning!

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