See the Bright Opportunity

Each and every day we have the option to let go of old issues, to stop worrying about things we cannot change, and to focus on the opportunity here and now.

Make good choices today. Do things that create your inspiring future, empower your creativity, and nourish a healthy sense of self-love. Make your dreams your reality.

(Here’s the larger desktop version.)

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I will be at Peace – with myself and the world

Sometimes when I find myself needing a little attitude adjustment, I read this resolution to myself, take a big deep breath, and let a more peaceful feeling wash over me.

(Here’s the larger desktop version.)

This mandala design was inspired by Making Mandalas: A Magical Process, at one of my favorite blogs, called ‘this time — this space’.

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Your Smile makes any day Brighter

Your smile is your superpower: it lightens, opens, charms, disarms, warms and heals.

“A smile is the lighting system of the face and the heating system of the heart.” ~ Barbara Johnson

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” ~ William Arthur Ward

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” ~ Phyllis Diller

“Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.” ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

(Here’s the larger desktop version.)

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Change: Expand, Reach, and Grow ~ my first Guest Post!

This little picture is a glimpse of my first ever guest post on The Calm Space. If you haven’t visited there before I’m sure you’ll be delighted — it’s filled with beautiful and inspiring articles.

Please go see the full design and guest post, click here:
“Spring to Change: Let Yourself Expand, Reach, and Grow”

I hope you enjoy it!  Please do let us know your thoughts with comments over on the post :-D


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Simplicity: Rethink, Reduce, Renew

I’m slowly incorporating more simplicity into my lifestyle. “Less is More”, and when you simplify your stuff you gain breathing space in your life. It’s not only good for you ~ it’s good for the earth… and every little bit helps.

You can also apply the principle of Rethink, Reduce and Renew if you have a stress-filled schedule. Are you spending time on what really matters, or is it time to simplify?

(Here’s the larger desktop version.)

Update: If you like this, you might also enjoy the first Simplicity post…
Less is More

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Sending kindness in good old-fashioned Thank You note cards

I still enjoy sending real cards in the mail. So today’s design is a good old-fashioned Thank You note card… and today I’m also sending thanks for being chosen for an award!

I’ve received the Stylish Blogger Award!!

A great big Thank You to the very expressive Scriptorobscura for honoring me with this award. But just what is the Stylish Blogger Award you ask?

It’s a special appreciation passed on from one blogger to another. The standard for accepting the award is simple: 1) Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. 2) Share 7 things about yourself to your readers. 3) Pay it forward to other great blogs. 4) Contact these bloggers to tell them about their award.

Here’s a few things about me, with a random photo sampling of things I like:

I grew up in Southern California, and discovered early on that the beach is my happy place. That’s me at about 3 years old on a styrofoam surfboard, pre boogie board era.

I gave up drinking coffee, and now my favorite is caffeine-free Tulsi tea by Organic India.

I’ve done some fun things out enjoying nature with my adventurous husband. Perhaps most spectacular of all: last fall we kayaked with the giant Blue Whales!

I love black olives, but when I was young we had them only for special occasions. Now I keep black olives in the fridge at all times, and eat at will… often and with great joy :~)

The macro views of nature fascinate me, so I tend to take lots of close-up photos. I love the symmetry, the order and chaos, the texture, subtlety and color.

Homegrown Double Delight is my favorite rose. My blog header was created from the petals of this rose pictured on the left. I took this photo the day I decided to create Inspired Type and start blogging.

Lastly, I have this thing about taking photos of my feet. It’s like capturing a moment when I say to myself “I’m so amazed and happy I’m actually here in this beautiful place”.

And now, to pass the award on to some great stylish blogs!

I’d like to give the Stylish Blogger Award to these wonderfully unique bloggers, showcasing that both visual and written style comes in many different forms. Please take a few minutes to go check them out, they’re all really special:

Thank you my dear readers for this opportunity to share a bit about myself, and to share these blogs with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey outside of my usual design postings. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

(Here’s the larger desktop version.)

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Spreading the Seeds of Kindness

Today’s design has dual purpose: to promote kindness, and to express gratitude for our freedom. Spread and nurture the seeds of kindness and gratitude.

I’d like to thank Alex Blackwell of The BridgeMaker for his project making the month of March “31 Days of Kindness”. Please visit his site to see the project and download a free copy of the manifesto through this link Let’s Make Kindness a Daily Habit.

I also want to thank Stanford at Pushing Social for his powerfully inspiring words, and challenging me to “Share art that celebrates what it means to be human and free”, in his post What if You Only Had 20 Blog Posts Left?

Thank you for the
infinite Beauty of the Earth, Sea and Sky
for the Kindness and
Warmth that Surrounds us
and the Freedom of each Simple Joy

Because I believe Kindness and Gratitude go hand-in-hand.

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